FOX News Moves Left?

I admit, I don’t watch FOX News except if it’s on at a place I happen to be. I don’t know that I’ve ever actually watched more than 15 minutes at a time, so I missed the sudden shift to the left that FOX has made.

Wow, who knew? Politico broke the story on as it’s lead story this morning.

Politico’s story quotes people lamenting FOX’s fall into liberalism and dreaming of the good old days and blaming some conspiracy to still their conservative voices. Politico slips and reveals the real reason though. FOX is moving to the left because its overall viewer numbers are falling – 9% last year.

Look folks FOX is first and foremost a business. If its viewers are decreasing, it either changes it’s programming to attract more viewers or it decides it’s ok to make less money. This is America folks, no business, not even FOX, decides it’s ok to make less money.

So move along folks, there is no conspiracy to uncover here. It’s just capitalism at work.

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